Monday, 23 March 2015

Something Wicked is Born

We live in a sunlit world on what we believe is the reality. But there is, imperceptible by most, a darkness, deep in the bowels of society. It's always there, waiting for us to enter, or waiting to enter us.

Welcome to the Splatter Café.

Here you'll find what lurks deep in the far corners of horror, slithering like a serpent, the unnatural rises from the darkness spilling into our metaphysical world like an arterial bleed.
From the blackened earth rises the vile, the grotesque!
All your darkest secrets, desires, and fears are manifested into your physical reality, lurking, stalking in a heap of filth and wretched horror. It rises from the black bile of the earth, carrying with it pain and suffering. An organic orgy of rot and depravity; its horror can not be looked upon by human eyes. This abomination is your doing! Your wickedness and hate have formed into the unimaginable.

Something wicked is born.

I've created this blog to display, not only my love of horror but my passion for writing as well. My influences and inspirations range from a plethora of horror mediums: from novels to movies, to comic books. My biggest inspiration and influence to write derives from, Clive Barker. His Books of Blood with stories like Midnight Meat Train, The Forbidden, Rawhead Rex, (just to name a few) inspired me and opened my eyes to the horror that wasn't the mainstream, dominant medium with Koontz and King. His style of artistic prose, the articulate way he put his words together describing his imaginative worlds, his creatures, and colourful characters triggered my imagination and love for the art.

I was introduced to Horror at a very young age. I remember coming home from a night of trick or treating and I'd hear the Halloween theme on the television. It's very nostalgic for me thinking back with my pile of candy in the middle of the living room floor, rummaging through my haul while watching  the shape stalk Laurie Strode.

Another major inspiration in my teen years was the Detroit underground music scene. From House of Krazees, Twiztid, ICP, Half Breed, Esham, and Natas. These groups rapped about serial killers, cannibalism, necrophilia and all the nasty, deranged shit associated with horror. The content of the music opened my world to horror like never before. I started looking deeper into more depraved movies–more gore, the better. But more on this subject later!

I will be posting short stories of my own creation, inspired by the revolutionary Splatterpunk sub-genre. I hope to bring the same visceral, monster driven stories while making the reader feel uncomfortable and unpleasant, but at the same time giving the reader character development and plot. These stories aren't for everyone, and I'm not writing to appease the masses. My dark and twisted imagination knows no boundaries. No dark corner will be left unexposed. We often go about our daily lives, unaware of the horrors beneath our own reality. The wretched, the grotesque, will be given a voice; leaving to bloodied and battered.

Enjoy your visit at the Splatter Cafe

Your deviant pal,

Lyndon D. Johnson

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