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Hello, my deviant friends! I'm back again to bring you another frightening, mental ravishing from SINISTER GRIN PRESS! SINISTER GRIN PRESS is another independent publishing house that continues to bring you the horror, the gore and the disturbing depravity of the human mind! Today, here, in the Splatter Café, I'm going to talk about one hell of a little book that will shake your very core of morality; this little book it will tap into to those fears so many bury in the back of their minds. You know, those dark thoughts we fear we might act upon or may witness. Reality can sometimes be the best horror story.

So, without further ado, I present to you CUT CORNERS: Volume 2!

The first story we come across is by Ray Graton called 'A FLAT AND DREARY MONDAY NIGHT.'  (Click on the title for the news article!)

This story happened to the author! As Hitchcock said, "a glimpse into horror is nothing more than reality."
And this horrific reality happened to the author and his wife!

It's a story about a married couple who are settling down for the evening, bored of their overpriced cable they decide to watch some Netflix instead. Their evening was going perfect, with their two cats Buddy and Sally when the couple hears a scream. This story from this point on grows with such intensity as the husband looks out through the security screen door and sees his young neighbor, Amber running across the lawn, followed by a skinny deranged looking person chasing after her. Within a heartbeat, the two are on the man's front porch, she's begging to let her in, and the guy is ranting obscenities about how Amber is a witch, and she's trying to kill him.
A neighbors worst fear, standing behind their door, between someone's life, deciding whether or not to help them, putting your life on the line to help for someone protecting them from a crazed meth addict.
Ray Graton does a fantastic job building that fear, playing with it, toying with you, and just when you thought it was over, you were safe. He bashes you in the skull with a horrific twist at the end.  This story gets your blood pumping. Now, on to the next one.

'EXPOSED' by Monica J. O'Rourke

For me, I've realized that you do change when you have kids. Nature somehow awakens a part of your brain where this instinct, a feeling of protection is so profound; you'll do anything to protect or save your children. I know, I feel it every day when I look at my three your old daughter, Raelynn and eight-month-old son, Liam.  I know with certainty if anything horrific happened to either of them, I will walk down a dark path I will never return.
Monica J. Rourke exposes the darker side of a parent who's stricken with the loss of a child, and to what extent a parent is willing to do.  This story is heartbreaking, horrific, at times exciting. Monica assembles a brilliant emotional roller coaster with this short story. And I'm glad to mention, Monica's story is going to be in Comet Press' 'YEAR'S BEST HARDCORE HORROR VOL. 1 This proves Monica has some wicked chops when it comes to her prose! Kudos!

Last, but certainly not least is Shane McKenzie's 'BLEEDING RAINBOWS.'

 This story is deranged but in the perfect way. The tension is high and never lets up. We bare witness the insanity of man, (or sanity) as he acts upon the signs given by the colors of a rainbow. We wonder if he's acting in God's will, or is it hand doing these terrible things.  I love how this story is philosophical, thought provoking story which makes the reader question God's will. Does God have that much power when it is our antagonist's hand performing these depraved acts? This story is fantastic and disturbing. From beginning to end the intensity never lets up, never allowing the reader to come up for a breath.

All three stories are well written, enjoyable, and a must have in your horror collection.

You can find this disturbingly excellent volume here:


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