Wednesday, 3 February 2016


A while back, I stumbled upon this Facebook page called The Carnage Conservatory. That's where I met this stellar lady named, Emily, who introduced me to this author from Copenhagen, Denmark, Lars Kramøft.
I read a short story of his on Emily's Carnage Conservatory website. She also informed me that Lars was doing a Kickstarter project for his graphic novel through Evil Jester Press. A horror comic called 'Made Flesh.' I decided to donate to the Kickstarter project to make this graphic novel possible. Let's face it, we need more Horror Comics! It was the first time I've ever contributed to a Kickstarter project, and I must say, it felt cool being a part of something like this; helping a fellow writer to get their work published and distributed.

Made Flesh is about a young architect named Michael who must travel back to his childhood home to uncover secrets of his past that still haunt him. Together with his girlfriend, Michael embarks on a journey down memory lane that soon turns from nightmare to reality, a dangerous struggle against a force from beyond the grave determined not to let Michael escape again.

The first few panels open up to an old man, alone in a den, sleeping in a chair while the flames from a fire dance in the fireplace. The old man is startled awake by noises coming from just outside the door, which is slightly ajar. The door suddenly slams, and a creepy voice begins to speak. Telling the old man his time has come. But it's not him the spirit wants but his son. This fear for his son causes the old man to die from heart failure. Michal's father. Now Michael has to go back to the creepy Manor where the nightmares began, where his mother was shipped away for alleged mental illness.

So the journey begins with a nightmare that will surely make your skin crawl.

I would like touch on the artwork by Tom Kristensen. I love the intensity the panels bring to the story, the colour choices for the scenes are brilliant giving an eerie feeling through the entire book. The art is simple, primitive, but there are these incredible subtleties to his work which helps keep the reader deeply committed to the characters.  It's hauntingly brilliant! The combination of a well written haunted house tale and the beautiful macabre artistry, this graphic novel deserves to be at the top of the Horror Comic medium!

Lars' characters a brilliant, believable, and likable. I particularly love the little sad strawberry girl, a ghost who's been with Michael since he was boy aids him on his path to discovering the dark, disturbing secrets of Eslev Manor. And be warned, the further you travel down this rabbit hole of the house, the more depraved the story gets. It's a great for any horror fan, especially those who love horror comics. A medium to me, I see is making great headways and stories like Made Flesh will keep pushing it to the front. Kudos to Evil Jester Comics for bringing this fantastic piece of work to us.

You can purchase Made Flesh here: Indy Planet

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