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Hello my deviant friends! And welcome back to the Splatter Café!

A place where your morality is thrown into a gauntlet of depravity, twisted and mangled until you're left with nothing but darkness behind your eyes. All empathy and compassion removed, caused by the horrors of these pages.

Today, we look at a fresh, new style of writing. A twist to the Vampire trope, with an urban flavour. Gangpire (Gangpire Trilogy Part 1) by Sentu Taylor!

Life has never been easy for Tacoma. With a crack addict mother, and no father, he has been responsible to take care of his little Seattle since he was nine, while living in one of East Oakland's notorious gang and drug infested neighborhoods. Forced to do what is necessary to survive, Tacoma and his best friend Raider have to rely on their street smarts.  Mama Marcella, Raider's grandmother protects the boys from social services.

Tragedy strikes when Tacoma asks Raider to pick up his little sister from school but forgets, and Seattle never makes it home. Tacoma's world is destroyed, devastated, by this tragic event, he vows a violent revenge on those responsible for her disappearance.

So begins the bloody journey of Tacoma and Raider, and friends in this Trilogy of Urban Horror-core.

With the help of an ancient book called the Santeria, Raider stole form his grandmother, he turns himself and Tacoma  into vampires (with a human sacrifice) in order to seek vengeance on a Seattle's powerful abductors, (crooked cops.) Recruiting their friends along the way, turning them into Vampires as well, soon a bloody, gore filled carnage is spread across the West Coast!

Sentu Taylor takes you on a fun filled, gory, ass kicking ride through the West Coast. He holds nothing back when it comes to blood and gore. He paints a vividly, blood soaked, urban masterpiece with lovable characters and excellent plot twists. Sentu does an excellent job keeping the reader engaged in the story, turning pages eagerly to see what happens next.

I'm a huge fan of the sub-genre of Rap called Horror-core. If you love Brother Lynch Hung, Tech N9ne, Esham, etc., etc., then this book yo ass gots to get! Ya dig?!

Gangpire–the first book out of the three in the Trilogy, will not disappoint the avid horror fan who loves their Urban street mixed with some fucking gory, mother fucking ass kicking ghetto vampires!

Here are the other titles in the Trilogy:



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Oh, and don't forget to check out Sentu Taylor's video!

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