Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Welcome back to the Splatter Café! It's been quite an exciting time for myself. I have two stories coming out very soon through JEA.  But, we'll get it into more of that later.

Today, I'm here to disgust a cleverly deviant book called "A God of Hungry Walls" by Garrett Cook.
This book is not your ordinary haunted house story. No, no, no, my friends, this book contains something sinister that only a presser like Deadite Press would be willing to publish.  And the book is visceral with a profound nature of greed, lust, and desire. A remarkable trope of pure evil. The house contains a spirit which uses the occupants as its play toys.
The house exposes your blackest desires and uses them against you. The walls are malevolent, using you, manipulating you. Your sins, no matter how deep you bury them. The house will find them and use them against you.

A relentless work of extreme horror at its deadliest, Cook's "A God of Hungry Walls" is a haunted house story that, gives us the perspective of the haunting. Making it a character itself with thoughts and desires.
There's no gentle ease into the story. Cook's character goes straight for the throat. The haunting is a character driven by greed; remarkably power-hungry, it thinks of itself as God within its home, and it might very well be.

The book takes you inside the mind of the haunting as it possesses the ones living inside its walls. Four college students share the house. Two males and two females. In first person narrative, we see how the haunting relentlessly locks them together in pure, sadistic intimacy.
Cook does an excellent job keeping the story exciting, keeping the reader interested by its point-of-view taking us on a journey through the house's past tortured inhabitants along with those currently under its obsessive eyes of the house. But, when a new tenant moves into the house, he brings along his supernatural phenomenon. Now, a new conflict is brewing within the house.

This book is filled with disturbing imagery but gives the reader complex characters, including the main character, the Haunting. Cooks' prose is intelligent, poetic, and eloquent. To have all these elements within a story like this is a joy to read. Garret Cook is a fantastic writer! The more I read this book, dug deeper, understanding the characters: the house, its past, the other spirits and current inhabitants within the house. I realised how brilliant this book is!

If you're looking for one of those whimsical tropes of a haunted house, then I suggest you turn away. Turn back now! Do not enter this dwelling if you're not ready to face what lies within its walls.

When you are within my walls, I am God.

I have always been here, and I will always be. 
I control what you see, what you fell, and how you think. I will bend reality to whatever I wish. I will show you your worst fears and make you indulge in your darkest desires. 
You pain my pleasure.
Your tears are my ambrosia.
Your despair is my joy.

Once you enter me, there is no escape. I will own you, forever. 

~The Haunting~

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