Thursday, 4 August 2016


Come one, come all, and experience the most gruesome, grotesque, hideous spectacle known to man.
Prepare as the carnival freaks take you on a ride like never before! Jammed packed with stories of  bizarre, sexual, carnage.

Now, be sure to take a raincoat on your way in. 'Cuz you wouldn't want to get any blood or semen on ya, would ya? Ha! Ha! Ha!

So step right up, mother fuckers, and enjoy...Open Call!

From Jaded Books Publishing comes a series like no other. The Gore Carnival. Four relentless gore filled books about carnival freaks, clowns, and all that dwells within the freak show.
Open Call is the first book in the series and it's filled with exceptional talent of the Splatterpunk/Bizarro sub-genre of horror.

The first book, Open Call, is stocked with some of the finest, hard-hitting, rising authors in the Splatterpunk/Bizarro game to date Their relentless onslaught of terror, gore, sexual depravity shatters your senses leaving you gasping in fear and disgust.

Each other brings their unique, ass-kicking style to this themed Anthology giving the reader a wide range of horror.
. From Cory Cline's, She Squirts, to Michael Noe's, The Tale of the Bearded Lady. Jimmy Pudge sets the tone with his fantastically deranged, A Face of Love! And, of course, John Ledger's Three Ring Circle Jerk. That says it all right there!

Kasey Hill, from Jaded Books Publishing, has done an outstanding job with this Anthology.
For that, we give her a standing ovation!

Now be sure to check out the other titles or buy the entire box set for your kindle!


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