Thursday, 4 August 2016


Come one, come all, and experience the most gruesome, grotesque, hideous spectacle known to man.
Prepare as the carnival freaks take you on a ride like never before! Jammed packed with stories of  bizarre, sexual, carnage.

Now, be sure to take a raincoat on your way in. 'Cuz you wouldn't want to get any blood or semen on ya, would ya? Ha! Ha! Ha!

So step right up, mother fuckers, and enjoy...Open Call!

From Jaded Books Publishing comes a series like no other. The Gore Carnival. Four relentless gore filled books about carnival freaks, clowns, and all that dwells within the freak show.
Open Call is the first book in the series and it's filled with exceptional talent of the Splatterpunk/Bizarro sub-genre of horror.

The first book, Open Call, is stocked with some of the finest, hard-hitting, rising authors in the Splatterpunk/Bizarro game to date Their relentless onslaught of terror, gore, sexual depravity shatters your senses leaving you gasping in fear and disgust.

Each other brings their unique, ass-kicking style to this themed Anthology giving the reader a wide range of horror.
. From Cory Cline's, She Squirts, to Michael Noe's, The Tale of the Bearded Lady. Jimmy Pudge sets the tone with his fantastically deranged, A Face of Love! And, of course, John Ledger's Three Ring Circle Jerk. That says it all right there!

Kasey Hill, from Jaded Books Publishing, has done an outstanding job with this Anthology.
For that, we give her a standing ovation!

Now be sure to check out the other titles or buy the entire box set for your kindle!


Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Welcome back to the Splatter Café! It's been quite an exciting time for myself. I have two stories coming out very soon through JEA.  But, we'll get it into more of that later.

Today, I'm here to disgust a cleverly deviant book called "A God of Hungry Walls" by Garrett Cook.
This book is not your ordinary haunted house story. No, no, no, my friends, this book contains something sinister that only a presser like Deadite Press would be willing to publish.  And the book is visceral with a profound nature of greed, lust, and desire. A remarkable trope of pure evil. The house contains a spirit which uses the occupants as its play toys.
The house exposes your blackest desires and uses them against you. The walls are malevolent, using you, manipulating you. Your sins, no matter how deep you bury them. The house will find them and use them against you.

A relentless work of extreme horror at its deadliest, Cook's "A God of Hungry Walls" is a haunted house story that, gives us the perspective of the haunting. Making it a character itself with thoughts and desires.
There's no gentle ease into the story. Cook's character goes straight for the throat. The haunting is a character driven by greed; remarkably power-hungry, it thinks of itself as God within its home, and it might very well be.

The book takes you inside the mind of the haunting as it possesses the ones living inside its walls. Four college students share the house. Two males and two females. In first person narrative, we see how the haunting relentlessly locks them together in pure, sadistic intimacy.
Cook does an excellent job keeping the story exciting, keeping the reader interested by its point-of-view taking us on a journey through the house's past tortured inhabitants along with those currently under its obsessive eyes of the house. But, when a new tenant moves into the house, he brings along his supernatural phenomenon. Now, a new conflict is brewing within the house.

This book is filled with disturbing imagery but gives the reader complex characters, including the main character, the Haunting. Cooks' prose is intelligent, poetic, and eloquent. To have all these elements within a story like this is a joy to read. Garret Cook is a fantastic writer! The more I read this book, dug deeper, understanding the characters: the house, its past, the other spirits and current inhabitants within the house. I realised how brilliant this book is!

If you're looking for one of those whimsical tropes of a haunted house, then I suggest you turn away. Turn back now! Do not enter this dwelling if you're not ready to face what lies within its walls.

When you are within my walls, I am God.

I have always been here, and I will always be. 
I control what you see, what you fell, and how you think. I will bend reality to whatever I wish. I will show you your worst fears and make you indulge in your darkest desires. 
You pain my pleasure.
Your tears are my ambrosia.
Your despair is my joy.

Once you enter me, there is no escape. I will own you, forever. 

~The Haunting~

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Hello my deviant friends! And welcome back to the Splatter Café!

A place where your morality is thrown into a gauntlet of depravity, twisted and mangled until you're left with nothing but darkness behind your eyes. All empathy and compassion removed, caused by the horrors of these pages.

Today, we look at a fresh, new style of writing. A twist to the Vampire trope, with an urban flavour. Gangpire (Gangpire Trilogy Part 1) by Sentu Taylor!

Life has never been easy for Tacoma. With a crack addict mother, and no father, he has been responsible to take care of his little Seattle since he was nine, while living in one of East Oakland's notorious gang and drug infested neighborhoods. Forced to do what is necessary to survive, Tacoma and his best friend Raider have to rely on their street smarts.  Mama Marcella, Raider's grandmother protects the boys from social services.

Tragedy strikes when Tacoma asks Raider to pick up his little sister from school but forgets, and Seattle never makes it home. Tacoma's world is destroyed, devastated, by this tragic event, he vows a violent revenge on those responsible for her disappearance.

So begins the bloody journey of Tacoma and Raider, and friends in this Trilogy of Urban Horror-core.

With the help of an ancient book called the Santeria, Raider stole form his grandmother, he turns himself and Tacoma  into vampires (with a human sacrifice) in order to seek vengeance on a Seattle's powerful abductors, (crooked cops.) Recruiting their friends along the way, turning them into Vampires as well, soon a bloody, gore filled carnage is spread across the West Coast!

Sentu Taylor takes you on a fun filled, gory, ass kicking ride through the West Coast. He holds nothing back when it comes to blood and gore. He paints a vividly, blood soaked, urban masterpiece with lovable characters and excellent plot twists. Sentu does an excellent job keeping the reader engaged in the story, turning pages eagerly to see what happens next.

I'm a huge fan of the sub-genre of Rap called Horror-core. If you love Brother Lynch Hung, Tech N9ne, Esham, etc., etc., then this book yo ass gots to get! Ya dig?!

Gangpire–the first book out of the three in the Trilogy, will not disappoint the avid horror fan who loves their Urban street mixed with some fucking gory, mother fucking ass kicking ghetto vampires!

Here are the other titles in the Trilogy:



Also,check out Sinsane Asylum: An Illuminati Fiction Thriller

Oh, and don't forget to check out Sentu Taylor's video!

Thursday, 4 February 2016


Hello, my deviant friends! I'm back again to bring you another frightening, mental ravishing from SINISTER GRIN PRESS! SINISTER GRIN PRESS is another independent publishing house that continues to bring you the horror, the gore and the disturbing depravity of the human mind! Today, here, in the Splatter Café, I'm going to talk about one hell of a little book that will shake your very core of morality; this little book it will tap into to those fears so many bury in the back of their minds. You know, those dark thoughts we fear we might act upon or may witness. Reality can sometimes be the best horror story.

So, without further ado, I present to you CUT CORNERS: Volume 2!

The first story we come across is by Ray Graton called 'A FLAT AND DREARY MONDAY NIGHT.'  (Click on the title for the news article!)

This story happened to the author! As Hitchcock said, "a glimpse into horror is nothing more than reality."
And this horrific reality happened to the author and his wife!

It's a story about a married couple who are settling down for the evening, bored of their overpriced cable they decide to watch some Netflix instead. Their evening was going perfect, with their two cats Buddy and Sally when the couple hears a scream. This story from this point on grows with such intensity as the husband looks out through the security screen door and sees his young neighbor, Amber running across the lawn, followed by a skinny deranged looking person chasing after her. Within a heartbeat, the two are on the man's front porch, she's begging to let her in, and the guy is ranting obscenities about how Amber is a witch, and she's trying to kill him.
A neighbors worst fear, standing behind their door, between someone's life, deciding whether or not to help them, putting your life on the line to help for someone protecting them from a crazed meth addict.
Ray Graton does a fantastic job building that fear, playing with it, toying with you, and just when you thought it was over, you were safe. He bashes you in the skull with a horrific twist at the end.  This story gets your blood pumping. Now, on to the next one.

'EXPOSED' by Monica J. O'Rourke

For me, I've realized that you do change when you have kids. Nature somehow awakens a part of your brain where this instinct, a feeling of protection is so profound; you'll do anything to protect or save your children. I know, I feel it every day when I look at my three your old daughter, Raelynn and eight-month-old son, Liam.  I know with certainty if anything horrific happened to either of them, I will walk down a dark path I will never return.
Monica J. Rourke exposes the darker side of a parent who's stricken with the loss of a child, and to what extent a parent is willing to do.  This story is heartbreaking, horrific, at times exciting. Monica assembles a brilliant emotional roller coaster with this short story. And I'm glad to mention, Monica's story is going to be in Comet Press' 'YEAR'S BEST HARDCORE HORROR VOL. 1 This proves Monica has some wicked chops when it comes to her prose! Kudos!

Last, but certainly not least is Shane McKenzie's 'BLEEDING RAINBOWS.'

 This story is deranged but in the perfect way. The tension is high and never lets up. We bare witness the insanity of man, (or sanity) as he acts upon the signs given by the colors of a rainbow. We wonder if he's acting in God's will, or is it hand doing these terrible things.  I love how this story is philosophical, thought provoking story which makes the reader question God's will. Does God have that much power when it is our antagonist's hand performing these depraved acts? This story is fantastic and disturbing. From beginning to end the intensity never lets up, never allowing the reader to come up for a breath.

All three stories are well written, enjoyable, and a must have in your horror collection.

You can find this disturbingly excellent volume here:


Wednesday, 3 February 2016


A while back, I stumbled upon this Facebook page called The Carnage Conservatory. That's where I met this stellar lady named, Emily, who introduced me to this author from Copenhagen, Denmark, Lars Kramøft.
I read a short story of his on Emily's Carnage Conservatory website. She also informed me that Lars was doing a Kickstarter project for his graphic novel through Evil Jester Press. A horror comic called 'Made Flesh.' I decided to donate to the Kickstarter project to make this graphic novel possible. Let's face it, we need more Horror Comics! It was the first time I've ever contributed to a Kickstarter project, and I must say, it felt cool being a part of something like this; helping a fellow writer to get their work published and distributed.

Made Flesh is about a young architect named Michael who must travel back to his childhood home to uncover secrets of his past that still haunt him. Together with his girlfriend, Michael embarks on a journey down memory lane that soon turns from nightmare to reality, a dangerous struggle against a force from beyond the grave determined not to let Michael escape again.

The first few panels open up to an old man, alone in a den, sleeping in a chair while the flames from a fire dance in the fireplace. The old man is startled awake by noises coming from just outside the door, which is slightly ajar. The door suddenly slams, and a creepy voice begins to speak. Telling the old man his time has come. But it's not him the spirit wants but his son. This fear for his son causes the old man to die from heart failure. Michal's father. Now Michael has to go back to the creepy Manor where the nightmares began, where his mother was shipped away for alleged mental illness.

So the journey begins with a nightmare that will surely make your skin crawl.

I would like touch on the artwork by Tom Kristensen. I love the intensity the panels bring to the story, the colour choices for the scenes are brilliant giving an eerie feeling through the entire book. The art is simple, primitive, but there are these incredible subtleties to his work which helps keep the reader deeply committed to the characters.  It's hauntingly brilliant! The combination of a well written haunted house tale and the beautiful macabre artistry, this graphic novel deserves to be at the top of the Horror Comic medium!

Lars' characters a brilliant, believable, and likable. I particularly love the little sad strawberry girl, a ghost who's been with Michael since he was boy aids him on his path to discovering the dark, disturbing secrets of Eslev Manor. And be warned, the further you travel down this rabbit hole of the house, the more depraved the story gets. It's a great for any horror fan, especially those who love horror comics. A medium to me, I see is making great headways and stories like Made Flesh will keep pushing it to the front. Kudos to Evil Jester Comics for bringing this fantastic piece of work to us.

You can purchase Made Flesh here: Indy Planet

Tuesday, 22 September 2015


What's up splatter freaks and welcome back to the Splatter Cafe. Today I'm going to discuss a book I recently read called, 'Die, You Bastard! Die!' by Jan Kozlowski. Released from Deadite Press. This exceptional, twisted tale is a hard-hitting, gut-wrenching revenge story with no apologies! I'm going to be honest, I'm not a particularly huge fan of the rape/revenge sub-genre. But 'Die, You Bastard! Die!' has totally changed my outlook on this genre. This book runs you through a gauntlet of depravity with excellent character development and superb style that flows with impeccable swagger.

Claire is a first-rate paramedic, with an exceptional drive to helping people and saving lives. That heroic
devotion to saving lives derives from her being a survivor of  unimaginable abuse at the hands of her father. Her ability to escape and rebuild her life entirely speaks volume the person Claire is. But when her aged father is hospitalized, after a crippling fall, Claire is suckered back into a brutal nightmare of sexual depravity and unrelenting betrayal.

The story opens with Claire and Jim responding to a call at a residence where a man is savagely murdered by his neglected wife in a devastatingly painful way. This scene sets the tone for the rest of the book. Claire then receives a call from a childhood friend about her father being hospitalized. And the hospital is refusing to release him.
Claire's reluctant to visit, over even acknowledge that her father needs help. But Olivia convinces her and reminds Claire of the pact they made when they were kids. Her father brittle and helpless, Claire decides to take the trip back to where the horrors all began and face the vile monster. Her father. But, Claire is unaware what is waiting for her when she takes her father out of the hospital and back to the camp her father owned.

This story hits you hard right from the opening scene. It's fast paced and gritty. Jan's excellent characterization keeps you compelled and connected with our protagonist throughout the book. Her masterful weaving of depraved imagination puts Claire through a world of unspeakable physical and mental torture. Jan doesn't hold anything back! Her twists and turns are exciting, keeping the reader guessing. It keeps you engaged and committed to finding out if Claire will survive this horrific ordeal!
Intense action scenes, witty with just the right amount of wacky, deranged villains, which makes this a fun and entertaining read. Olivia's character plays a pivotal role in how the story turns out. Tandy, Olivia's sister is crazed and compelling with her insanity and sickening loyalty. I honestly devoured every word Jan wrote, this story kept me hooked right from the get go and I mutilated it like a ravishing cannibal.

There's an ever growing issue seething in the deepest bowels of the internet highway. Beneath is a subterranean culture, a cesspool of vile fucks sharing information, making money off the misery and destroying the innocence of children. So, I have to say, the ending was exceptionally satisfying and the epilogue made me giddy wanting more! I'm not going to divulge too much information. You're going to have to read this bastard on your own!

'Die, You Bastard Die!' is brutal, thought provoking, hardcore horror at its finest. And I fucking love it!

If you can stomach what Jan Kozlowski cooks up, I highly recommend this piece of horror fiction to be a part of any horror fan's library.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Harrow County (I ain't 'fraid of no haints)

~Emmy always knew that the deep, dark woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts, goblins, and zombies. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to those creatures–and to the land itself–in a way she never imagined.~

Today in the Splatter Cafe, I'm going to discuss a comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, written by Cullen Bunn with artwork by Tyler Crook called Harrow County

This latest horror comic from Dark Horse is a wonderfully disturbing tale with classic, imaginative storytelling, crisp, haunting art; a formula perfectly designed for my favourite genre of reading, horror.
Crook's ability to set the mood and capture the quaint, subtlety of the country life through characters and scenery draws you in then allows the eeriness to settle in your bones. Bunn weaves a treacherous web through a narrative of lies and darkened secrets hidden deep within the town's history. The opening pages presents one of the most bone chilling and brutal prologues in a horror story I've read in a while!

Years ago, the town folk of Harrow County banded together to put an end to an evil that lived among them. Hester Beck is beaten, stabbed, shot and hanged by the neck from a crooked oak tree. Now, if that wasn't enough, the townspeople set her bloodied, dangling body on fire. She didn't die easily.  Hester kept death at bay long enough to whisper her promise to return while the townspeople watched in horror.
The appalling event that took place that night emblazoned upon the oak tree and turned into nightmarish memories that echoed throughout Harrow County and throughout the years.

Fast forward and we meet quiet little Emmy, who's turning 18 soon, living on her Pa's farm. Emmy looks out her bedroom window at the same, now scarred, oak tree and listens to its ghastly whispers. Emmy's life is about change along with her southern farm community as the sins of the past rear their heads in a gruesome fashion. Here when we meet sweet Emmy, Bunn slows the pace so we're able to understand the relationship between Emmy and her Pa. But the pace is enough for the reader to follow along and absorb the brilliance of the narrative and character development. Throughout the series, Emmy realises more and more how she's connected to these "haints" and how she discovers she's a "haint" herself. The story really started to unfold later in issues three and four and Emmy declares the person she truly is... herself.

"HAINTS: Ghosts and ghouls lurking in lonely, forgotten, and unwelcoming places." A brief description by Cullen Bunn himself.

This is my first time experiencing the brilliant minds of Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook as a team and I'm over the tombstone enjoying this series. What I love as well, is Bunn adds these short tales at the end of each issue to add to the mythology of the creepy little town. They're called, "Tales of Harrow County."
Between the narrative accompanied with the textures of Crooks art this series Harrow County is one of my top series in my comic book pull. When I have something this good, I get overly excited and impatient to read the next issue. I love how the panels protray that dead silence so well. That creepy quiet knowing that something evil is waiting in the dark. You really sense the dread of being unable to escape the horrors that stalk the darkened woods in Harrow County.

If you're at all a fan of horror and you love, love, love comics?! Please, do yourself a favour and check this series out. I promise, you won't be disappointed!